Why don’t you play Magic Spell Slot Game Online?

Why don’t you play Magic Spell Slot Game Online?


Playing at casino online malaysia websites, the player would not only feel the same like he or she is playing at land-based casino sites but he or she will also be more enjoyed with the various options to be offered via casino online malaysia websites including the trustworthy banking options, the special bonuses and the reliable of RNG or random number generator with the payout report to be reviewed easily at the bottom of homepage in each casino online malaysia website.

Why don’t you play Magic Spell Slot Game Online?

On top of that the player could be more enjoyed with the new game to be explore like this Magic Spell Slot online game that once you have played, you would not easily stop playing them.

  • How to start playing the fantastic of Magic Spell slot game online: Since the game has been designed by Microgaming, the leading gaming software in this industry. Therefore, it would not be surprised to learn that the game is unique in fun-filled and bundled with many winning chances. During playing this fantastic video slot gameplay, the player would be enjoyed with 5 reels and 25 possible winning paylines. By the way, the player can opt to place the bet at his or her desired level of coin size starting from 0.01 and up to 1.00 which it has been limited at 200 coins as the highest one.
  • How to earn special bonus features through the gameplay: During playing the game, the player would be more excited and satisfied with many bonus features that have been displayed on the screen. By which the scatter symbol in this game is represented by the Pumpkins symbols. Assuming that the player has collected 3 or more pumpkin scatter symbols on the reel then, it would be triggered and lead him or her to enter the Magic Spell’s fabulous ‘Pick a Pumpkin Bonus Game as well. And if so, the player would be more excited to try his or her luck as it would be 13 pumpkins to be selected only one out. Please bear in mind that each pumpkin would have the value hidden behind and it would be varied, the prize could be at the highest of 5,300 coins. So, it is a good time to try your luck.

On top of that, the Magic Spells has created more fun-filled by which the player would be offered the wild symbols that can be replaced any kind of symbols excluding the scatter one. In this game, the wild symbol has been in form of spooky cartoon that could lead the player more winning combinations with multipliers on the betting amount.

  • How the attractive of jackpot to be provided in the gameplay: If the player can completely win the game, he or she will be awarded by standard jackpot prize at 2000 coins. By the way, if he or she can complete the specified mission more, it would additionally award him or her with the second jackpot prize to be worth up to 1500 coins as well. So, why don’t you try once to earn more fun and enjoy real cash rewarding.

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Hot Streak Bonus Roulette – Online Betting Malaysia

In online betting Malaysia, roulette games tend to take a back seat as compared to slots and blackjack. Slots offer audiovisual excitement and blackjack requires a fair level of skill. Since roulette involves neither of these factors it is not as popular. The leading online gaming software provider WagerWorks has introduced some roulette games with innovations that add excitement to the wagering and draw traffic to these games for online betting Malaysia. One such game is Roulette with Hot Streak Bonus. Apart from the normal roulette bets players can place Hot Streak Bonus bets. Each Hot Streak Bonus bet covers a set of six numbers. The first spot covers the numbers 1 to 6, the second spot covers numbers 7 to 12 and so on. Players can wager on more than one of these Hot Streak Bonus bets. If the number called after the wheel comes to rest is covered by a Hot Streak Bonus bet then the Hot Streak begins. The first number in the Hot Streak pays 2 to 1. This particular Hot Streak Bonus bet remains in place. If any other Hot Streak Bonus bets had been placed they are removed from the table. Once a Hot Streak has been started fresh Hot Streak wagers cannot be placed. If the next number called belongs to the same group the payout is 12 to 1. For the third consecutive number the payout is 100 to 1; for the fourth consecutive number the payout is 250 to 1; for the fifth consecutive number the payout is 1000 to 1 and for the sixth consecutive number the payout is 25,000 to 1. The beauty of the Hot Streak Bonus is that players receive payouts for each step on the way. Therefore if a player wagers RM1 on a Hot Streak Bonus spot and wins six successive times he will receive RM26,364 on his investment of RM1. The Hot Streak ends when a number is called that are outside the covered group or the player has won six Hot Streak bets in a row. There is one very important condition incorporated in the Hot Streak Bonus bet. Duplicate numbers do not count. If a number is called on which the player has already won in the current Hot Streak, then the player does not move to the next step and does not get the next payout. However the hot streak does not end. As far as the Hot Streak Bonus part of the game is concerned it is as if this spin did not take place. The maximum wager that can be placed on a single Hot Streak Bonus spot is 10 credits in the currency of wagering. A player wagering in dollars can bet RM10 on each Hot Streak Bonus spot, which is RM10 in all. The Hot Streak Bonus bets are placed to the right of the roulette layout in a prominently marked area. The payouts and the position of the Hot Streak is shown in a graphic at the bottom left of the screen. Players can place the normal roulette wagers along with the Hot Streak Bonus bet if they want to or wager only on the Hot Streak Bonus if they so desire. Players can also wager only on the normal roulette game and ignore the Hot Streak Bonus as well.

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Great Blue

Malaysia Online Casino – originated passion


The Malaysia online casino is showing signs have increased constantly. It seems more and more people are trying to participate in online games such as online casino Malaysia every day.

The reason for its popularity is simply the online casino players will add more dollars, and money , this is a great thing all over. It is also possible that you will never do it, visualize it. At the casinos are fair rules is to make sure you have real money on the game before.

Tips to win betting games of Malaysia online casino

It is important to participate as a player for the first time, maybe it will make players feel a little too hard to follow, but over the next time you play there will be a change. Agility will always be formed when carrying out repeatedly play, and that is when the characters engage more comfortable and more responsiveness in situations.

The Malaysia online casino games are easy to play and it is very pleasant, you can play for free first, the reason for this is because we need periods in order to adapt it. Many people have a passion for online casinos Malaysia, it is the opportunity to try the games for free fun. One of the reasons for the popularity of so this game is a bonus, deposit or welcome bonus. You will feel more excited than if the winner has been the small or larger reward. Highlights of the online games that you can play it in any space do you feel most comfortable.

The Malaysia online casino is very pleasant and safety, we will always have the dual control before allowing you to play online. The game also has some other famous online, where you can try your luck today. It is recommended to choose the online casino Malaysia is one that presents the game of your preference. This way you will be able to get pleasure from your online time more.

The idea of online casino is for people to feel excited because they do not feel themselves limited by the accessibility of the online casino games. In a short time, completely online casino on the internet Malaysia has a full range of games, namely more than 60 games that you can join and try your fate as many times as you want.

The players participating in the game on the network is not really what is so awful. Besides great entertainment meaning you still carry on their great rewards. The winner of the contest will encourage you to join the next time. Go to online casinos you have the opportunity to assert themselves. Not only that, you also have the opportunity to network with talented opponents, so, skill training opportunities for themselves is here.

Online Casino is actually more than what you imagine, if you doubt it, then unfortunately, if you want to know the answer really going to test us, to enjoy the feeling of sublimation winner. Malaysia online casino will be the best solution to originate the passion for yourself.

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Malaysia online casino exciting like real casinos

Malaysia online casino exciting like real casinos

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Going Casino is a fun and exciting experience. However, in order to become a casino part , and participate in gambling, you need a lot of money. But, not everyone has a lot of money, and a solution has been created by the most prestigious companies in the world, they have designed online casino games – where today, you can sit at home, play casino and not lose too much money. In all casino games are created around the world, the game of Malaysia online casino‘s most prized.


Today, online casino Malaysia is considered one of the online gaming industry which is highly profitable for the suppliers, attracting millions of players each year and create new gaming trend. Everything you need to play this game is very simple. You do not need to go to a casino where is easy to burn all the money in your pocket, you just need a computer with an internet connection, a comfortable seat, a little dish, and you can enjoy playing casino online, interact with rivals such as playing in real life.

Nevertheless, if you want to win a grand prize, earn extra income, you need to pay attention to a number of issues – I think it’s quite important

First problem: choose a game. I do not deny most of the Malaysia game is amazing. However, the Internet still exists some games that are scams. If you do not want to be cheated, you should inquire carefully what games you choose to play on the internet, on forums, or in the comment section below wed page. When you have a full overview of the game, you will not have to worry about being cheated.

After choosing a suitable game, the next problem you have to do is set up a bank account carefully. Bank cards will be the basis for you to get money when you win the big prize, or vice versa. So if you do not want to lose money, be careful when setting up an account, enter a password.

Okay, after choosing the appropriate game, congratulations to the online casino world, the diversity of  Malaysia online casino. I hope the game you choose will be appropriate for you.

You will have moments of fun, will earn the grand prize. Some people think that in order to win prizes in the online game is very difficult, this is not entirely true. To win the grand prize really is not too difficult, while playing you please pay attention to your opponents, respect them, be careful when making decisions, and can be confident when selecting solutions for online casinos, I think you’re doing make you can win.

Indeed, the game of online casino games is a great Malaysia. Every game has a great interface and features accordingly. And an absolute advantage, you do not need to go to a real casino – which can burn your pocket, just at home, sitting on a soft sofa, join the game and win. So, what are you waiting for, start choosing an Malaysia online casino and enjoy it.

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Number Of Decks In Mobile Casino Malaysia Card Games

Card games are an integral part of mobile casino Malaysia. Poker based card games are usually played with a single deck. However games like blackjack and baccarat are offered in multiple decks. New players of mobile casino Malaysia are not aware that the number of decks used in the game affects the house edge and therefore the average payout ratio. Without this knowledge they often make the wrong choices. Therefore it is crucial to understand the relationship between the number of decks and the house edges. Before getting involved with the essence of the issue, it would help to take a look at the variation offered. Since Microgaming offers the largest variation in mobile casino Malaysia and it is being used as an example. Microgaming offers a large number of blackjack variants like European Blackjack, Atlantic City Blackjack, Vegas Strip Blackjack and Vegas Downtown Blackjack. Across all variants the number of decks used range from 1 to 8. There is variation in the number of decks within blackjack variants as well. For example Classic Blackjack is offered in the single hand version with 1 deck and in the multi hand version with 5 decks. Vegas Downtown Blackjack is offered with both 1 deck and 2 decks. Baccarat is offered in only two variants. The normal variant is played with 1 deck and High Limit Baccarat is played with 8 decks. In blackjack games the house edge increases as the number of decks used in the game increase, other rules remaining the same. The house edge is the percentage of each dollar wagered that the casino retains in the long run. Therefore it is favorable for the player when fewer decks are used. In Vegas Downtown Blackjack the house edge with 8 decks is 0.64%, the house edge with 2 decks is 0.40% and the house edge with 1 deck is 0.01%. Therefore the Blackjack Downtown Vegas game with two decks offered in mobile casino Malaysia is avoidable. In Vegas Strip Blackjack the variation in house edges is even more interesting. The house edge with 8 decks is 0.43%, the house edge with 2 decks is 0.18% and the house edge with 1 deck is -0.18%. This means that in the single deck case the house will lose money in the long run. However, these house edges are based on optimal play and will increase when players do not make the right moves. Blackjack games with higher number of decks are usually formatted as multi hand online gambling game. New players often venture into these games because they replicate more closely land casino environment and also speed up the wagering because a number of hands are played simultaneously. But they should realize that they are paying a price for this thrill. In baccarat the situation is somewhat different. There are three different bets and the house edge of each of the bets has to be considered separately. The Tie Bet is a sucker bet having a very high house edge. In the eight deck variant the house edge is 14.36%, which increases to 15.75% in the single deck variant. For the Player Bet the house edge is 1.24% in the eight deck variant, which increases slightly to 1.29% in the single deck variant. However for the Banker Bet the house edge decreases with the number of decks. It is 1.06% for the eight deck variant and 1.01% for the single deck variant. Since the Banker Bet is the preferred bet players should opt for baccarat games with single decks. However if a player wishes to wager on the Player Bet for any reason, he should opt for baccarat games with eight decks.

Monkey Thunderbolt

Some main features of Monkey Thunderbolt free download

Summary: Read on this new article to discover some of the main features of Monkey Thunderbolt free download that you need to know.

  1. Paylines

In the Monkey Thunderbolt free download, active paylines will be represented by lines occurring on the reels. You can activate paylines and then view their shape by progressively clicking the “Bet One” button. One thing you need to mind in this slot game is that you only win if a combination occurs on an active payline, but the Scatter symbol.

  1. Winning Tables

In the Monkey Thunderbolt free download, the tables will display a definite number for each hit number for each symbol. For example, if you pick 4 symbols in a row starting on the rightmost or leftmost reel, you can read the number on the line ”XXXX” and in the column “YYYY” under that symbol. Then you multiply your line bet by this number as you saw above and you will know your money amount for winning. If you get winning combinations on several lines, you can add up all of them to get the final winning amount. The symbols have to stand consecutively from the rightmost or leftmost reel to qualify as hits. In case a payline contains two winning combinations; take an example, you get two steering wheels counted from the right and three tires counted from the left, you will be awarded for both of combinations. In case you get five symbols in a same row, you will only be awarded once. There is a difference between the total bet and the line bet. The total bet will describe how much you pay out in the Monkey Thunderbolt free download’s round. Whereas, the line bet will describe how much you make a bet per payline. Remember that the payouts displayed in the paytable will be multiplied by the line bet, not by the total bet. If you get winning combinations on multiple paylines, your winning for each payline will be added up.

The Red Truck in the Monkey Thunderbolt free download is a Wild symbol. This means that it will be able to instead of any symbols like the way a joker acting in the live casino Malaysia. Besides, the Wild symbol will be able to double any your winning in the combination, but not cumulatively.

  1. Scatter Symbols

In the Monkey Thunderbolt free download, the Exhaust Pipe is a Scatter. When you get 2 up to 5 symbols on the screen, you will be awarded according to the table that is shown on your winning table. The Scatter winning will be calculated by multiplying the total bet with the figure on the row of the scatter paytable. These symbols must stand consecutively from whether the rightmost or leftmost reel. They will not need to follow any paylines. Scatter winning will be added to your payline winning. If you do not gain any payline winning, you will only be paid the scatter winning.

  1. Dollar Ball

The final feature of the Monkey Thunderbolt free download I would like to reveal is the “Dollar Ball” option. Clicking on this button at the top right of the playing area will help you turn on or off it. It will help you initiate your change to win a progressive jackpot.


Basic information about Great Blue slot game

Summary: Read on this new article to discover some of basic information of the Great Blue

slot game and tips on how to win this slot game.

Basic Information about Great Blue slot game:

1. Features Of The Great Blue

The Great Blue slot is known as one of the first slot games produced by PlayTech software

supplier. Besides, it is also known as a reason to attract a lot of players around the world

accessing casino sites every day.


It is a 25 pay line and 5 reel video slot game. The stake amounts could be decided by

players and the lowest setting is 0.01. If you want to increase your coin values, the only thing

you need to do is to click on the “Coin Value” buttons along the box of coin value until you

satisfy. In case you would like to readjust the coin number when playing, simply click on the

”Coin” button to the right-hand side of the coin level box. Your coins will rise up whenever

making a click on the “Coin” button.

When playing the Great Blue slot game, you will be able to get jackpot up to 10,000 coins

when you collect 5 Wild symbols on any of the paylines. Besides, you can also increase the

jackpot value by clicking on the coin level box. In addition to this, the second highest paying

symbols when playing this Great Blue slot are Whale symbols. If you collect 5 of them, you

will be offered 1500 coins at the lowest coin number per spin and per payline.

2. Tips On How To Win This Slot

A note you should know before deciding to play whether the Great Blue slot online or any

versions of this game on the mobile devices is that the slot game has a lot of different

playing structures. You will need to put into a stake level enabling you to ride out the long

base game spins to keep playing this slot game for longer time before you can get some

winning combinations or access the bonus rounds.

Therefore, one tip to help you win the Great Blue slot game is that you should place your

stake level down to something that will help you receive 100 base game spins out of your

initial slot playing spending. This is because it will bring you a chance to get higher winning


If you play Great Blue slot game on your mobile phone, laptop or computer, you will have to

test it as there are some other Playtech slot games that are close to this slot game; for

example, they are completely compatible with all of the current devices. Thanks to that, you

will be able to play all of them for fun or for real money. Thus, you should practice them for

good before betting real money on them. Next, do not forget to take advantage of the casino

site bonuses which will increase your bankroll. The Great Blue slot has a great payout

percentage about 94% that will help you fluctuate over each of your playing section.

Nonetheless, you should remember that in the long run, this slot will return this starting

payout percentage, so make use of this feature as soon as possible.

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Tips to win betting games of Malaysia online casino

Tips to win betting games of Malaysia online casino

Malaysia online casino is one of the most famous combination in the world which played by hundreds of thousands of people not only in Malaysia but also over the world. There are many kinds of games but the betting games are played the most. In this article, I will bring to you one more chances to win the betting games.

You know, Malaysia online casino include a lot of betting games which played every day. When playing these games, you can win and you can also lose. You have to accept this. But if you know more and more about the betting games, you will have more chances of winning. To do it, there are some things you should play attention to.

The first thing is play the max on progressives. Almost betting slots today are bases on the form of multi-coin machines. That means you can put more than one coin in each spin. The thing not only permits you to win the most but it also helps you winning progressive jackpot.

The seconds, you need to know the machine you are playing and consider two coin machines. This is very important. Today, there are many kinds of slot machines of betting games such as multi-line, multiplier, progressive, etc. these machines contain a lot of things like the bells and whistles and it can become a little confusing. So, be sure that you know exactly what kind of machine you are playing and what combinations of symbols you have to get to be paid. If you cannot afford to bet five coins per spin but you still want to play for a progressive jackpot, let’s find out two or three coin machines. They will help you have the ability to get the top prize without investing too much bigger.

The third, if you want to win as fast as you can, let’s build a goal and stick to it. I think if you have a goal, you will try your best to reach this goal. So, build a goal to earn as much as dollars as you can from establishing a bank account which separate from personal finance to improving you skills. And you have to know when to stop if you lose amount of dollars at the same time.

The last thing I want to say is you need to know aware of your mood as well as have fun when playing. This is an important factor which cannot lack of helping you win the game. Remember that you should only play any kind of gambling game when you are in good mood. They are a game and you should be interesting. I think when you play online games in your house, it is the most comfort and efficient way. Why I say that? When you go to outside places, you can be affected by bad things and your feeling will not good.

If you can do the things above, I believe that there are no games of Malaysia online casino you cannot win.


Why Monkey Thunderbolt is the best to bet?

One of the online casino games which is normally been selected to bet by both new gambler and the existing one is slot gameplay. By which it is easy to start playing, no stress but a lot of fun as well as the wager could be placed at the lowest of 1 single penny in order to get the fantastic jackpot prize of 10,000 coins in return. These might be the hidden reasons why many players all over the world still love to bet and gambler in slot game online like the Monkey Thunderbolt. And if you have never tried this game, you might miss the chance to hit large jackpot. Then, getting to know the game and get ready to become millionaire if you are strong enough.

  • Abundant bonuses to gear up for jackpot: Basically, the great blue has been designed as a 5 reel with total 25 paylines which has equipped with the various types of bonus throughout the gameplay including scatters, wilds and bonuses. During playing this online gambling game, the player would be taking into the depth sea themed with the adventure of Orca’s battle to maximize the winning chances, prizes as well as bonus payouts. By which, if the player can get into the bonus round, he or she would need to gather the pearls in order to obtain 8 free spins plus 2 multipliers or even higher prizes like 15 multipliers with 33 free spins.
  • Easy to change wager denomination if desire:The great blue slot is simple to start gambling as the player would only need to click on the button to change and set the wager denomination. Remember that once the player decides to bet on the high paylines, the lower down paylines would be chosen as well. The playing’s winning shall be counted as line win which is correlated with line bet and number of multiplier in the paytable.
  • Payout structure is well reachable:Since the wining amount shall be calculated for line bet in the payout. If the player has got 2 wining combinations on the same single line, then the player shall be paid out at the greater value. Or in the other word, if the player can obtain more than one active payline, the winning of player would be maximized automatically. Specialty to make the better possibilities of winning the prize, the wild symbol could be replaced any other symbol exclude the scatter and bonus.

Last but not least, during playing this Monkey Thunderbolt, once the player has entered in the bonus game’s round, then he or she will be automatically rewarded with 8 free spins plus 2 multipliers on hands. Moreover, if the player got 3 or more scatter symbols during the free spin round, he or she will be additionally got 15 free spins on top of the existing one. After that, the player will be asked to select 2 sea shells in order to get the extra free spins and multipliers. That is all the reasons why this Monkey Thunderbolt is always best to bet, right?


Respin Feature Tips

Meanwhile the last two months the leading online gaming software provider Microgaming introduced a few slot games with a new aspect called Respin in online gambling Malaysia.

Some of the online slots in online gambling Malaysia that having this feature are Reel Gems, Retro Reels and Retro Reels Diamond Glitz. This feature calls upon the player to make some choices not available in the usual online slot games. Therefore the players of online gambling Malaysia have to think how they should best apply the Respin feature. The slot game starts in the normal manner. The player sets the betting parameters and selects the Spin button to set the reels in motion. After that the reels come to a stop the payouts are credited to the player’s account. Then the Respin feature comes into play. Below each reel is a Respin button and below each button the player can see a value show. This is the extra bet amount that the player will have to wager for the Respin. Wagering that number will entitle the player to spin only where that reel holding the other four reels in their current position.

Respin Feature Tips

Any payouts resulting from the Respin will be added to the player’s balance and fresh Respin values will be show at below all reels. The player can activate the Respin feature again and again or can select the Spin button to play the normal game. The questions that comes on are on what basis should the player decide no matter to Respin or not and if he wants to Respin then how can he select the reel. Too bad there are no perfect answers as the structure of the slots game is not known. By structure it is meant how many of the different kind of symbols can appear on each reel. Thus one cannot perform a mathematical calculation in order to take a decision. One simple mechanism can be that if the player has restore his total bet in the spin then he should stop activating the Respin feature.

In any event he need to put a cap on the number of Respins he will attempt for a given main spin. This mechanism does not apply any gambling advantage. It will only help the player to stay within his bankroll and no wagering more than he initially planned to. The player will realize that one or more reels aligned from right to left might display a Respin bet of 0.01 credits. The player will know that there is impossible of getting an extra winning combination by spinning these reels because the last reels do not have the required alignment of like symbols. Therefore activating the Respin feature on these reels is giving away 0.01 credits and wasting time as well. For the remaining reels the expected payout will  in proportion to the Respin bet amount. Thus the player’s risk taking bias would decide which reel to Respin. If the player is looking for more payouts and can afford to wager greater amounts then he have to click the Respin button with the largest bet amount. The timid player can click the Respin button with the smallest amount. Online gambling Malaysia with the Respin feature will not offer more long term average returns. They will make the game more fun and interesting.