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How to: Became the game animator

Greeting to you my fellow animate lover! Have you ever wonder about how come there are so

many high qualities animation on nowaday? Do you still believe in the tale that one frame of animation

do require almost 10 people to work on it? Bah! those were an olden day. Now, We could do a good

animation both for the show or gaming like what you usually seen in many of dolphin slot game. And

aside from playing to earn a money, You could too earn a money by being a creator of these games!

As it sound simple, You still require a specialty within the computer knowledge. Since you are about

to focuses yourself on game design and all the interactive aspect in game animation. So in order to do

that you require a knowledge on a current technology to create an interactive animated images and

environment for your own game. So try to follow these step by step.

First: Get yourself a degree

As you do know, Every job interview always require a degrees to get you into the system. No every job

do require a degree but still, there are benefits from obtaining degree. Because of that you will have to

be a student which will receives a training on understanding about complex software or the video game

animation. Usually for this certain degree, student require to do their “assignment” which consist about

2D and 3D animation which will require you to get to know more about current technology and design.

With all of these your degree will be a proof that you are capable on doing your job on the field.

Second: Your resum’e (or Portfolio)

A resum’e is where all of your best work or your degree pile up together at one place. It will answer

the interviewer many questions without asking you much of questions. And will likely increase a chance

for you to get a job.

As you try to get into an industrial that consist about being creative, Then in your resum’e should be

imbued with your own previous works such as your on Webpage (which you design on your own) or

your animation works. All of these will be considered on your interviewing. And make sure you get your

resum’e right, By made it into a good position which are easy to listed and inspected.

Third: Gain some more experience

Even you do go through your degree to earn it. You still require more experiencing on the works!! In

order to make yourself be more acceptance by your employer. You should try to find a relevant job and

work on it for about year or two before try to moved on for even more advance position. Since this field

have many competitor await for you. This method will also help you compliment your own resum’e as

you were more experience than usual. Also take note, Not every experience have to give you an

earning, Since you could ask to participated on it directly. Which will not just make you relation with

other greater but also your chance of advancement as well

Fourth: Get yourself steady

As I have mention above, The technology to create an animation and video game do change in a

way of just a blink of an eye. And most of employers will likely put their technology at the best at a time.

so you will require to have a knowledge on these technology as well. Keep it up with the world and you

will be able to work on this field.

And that would be all to tell you. Always remember that this is one vast field of work. And a chance

to earn your income was likely to be high if you were following these step and try to look for more

information frequently.

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