Casino ATM Systems – cash advance systems

Access to casino money

Give your customers access to your cash in seconds and make it easier to bypass the extraction limits. Think of all the lost revenue that results when your clients lose can not access the cash they have earned.

CASINOMONEY manages ATMs, cash advance, point-of-sale debit and check-cashing services within a single software application that electronically reconciles all financial transactions in the gaming room.


The AUTOMONEY Cash Advance software uses a PC; Windows XP operating system; secure Internet connection; a data center compatible with PCI; backup telephone line; card reader; card scanner; check reader; a printer; and reliable processing methodologies that advance cash to your customers in a matter of seconds. This software can be integrated into any casino cage operation with minimal training and important results:

CASH ADVANCE: avoid withdrawal limits = higher profits

Financial institutions limit the amount of cash that can be withdrawn from an ATM account within 24 hours. When customers exceed their daily cash withdrawal limit, a “typical” ATM rejects the withdrawal.  3 ATM authorizes these higher cash withdrawal requests through a debit cash withdrawal at the point of sale or a cash advance with a credit card transaction, provided that the cardholder accepts the option and has funds available.
With a valid ID, an available line of credit and an authentic signature, users of the games can immediately withdraw thousands of dollars in cash. With Money advance, players quickly return to the game room to make their next bet.


CASINOMONEY uses Certegy’s check cashing services to convert paper checks into electronic currency, eliminating the direct deposit of paper checks into your bank account. This saves time, detects checks without funds before and expedites payment.
CASINOMONEY eliminates the risk of bad checks and automates the collection of items returned with NSF.
Certegy Check Cashing Services authorizes the payment of checks with the most reliable database in the country, the National Check Network. Before collecting each check, Certegy searches the database, uses third-party risk analysis and requests the customer’s check-cashing history. If an NSF check is registered, Certegy re-submits the check up to twice and charges a service fee from the originator’s account.

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